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My Motivation

Keeping motivated was one thing that Julia found difficult in both her previous attempts at Portuguese language learning. Like most of us, she struggled when things got repetitive and had trouble with lessons and tasks that didn’t fit with the way she learned.
As a "Portuguese language course" member you have access to My Motivation, which offers advanced learning techniques to help you harness the power of your own personal learning style. These step-by-step tutorials teach you tricks to improve your memory, and give you tips on how to make your learning time more fun and more effective.

You’ll find top-level guidance on how to seriously advance your language learning with a range of handy tools, tips and techniques designed to help you master Portuguese your way.
- Increase your confidence;
- Enhance your recall;
- Identify your own personal learning style;
- Learn how to develop a step by step learning action plan.
And when you’re ready, why not test your newly acquired skills by quizzing your knowledge with the Rehearsal Self Tests.

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