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Why Julia decided to learn to speak Portuguese

Julia is a smart modern woman. She went to college, studied hard, and got a good degree. She got a great job that paid good money and she worked hard picking up valuable experience and useful contacts.
Then she met Dan. Dan is a great guy, he’s also well-educated, has a fantastic job, and, most importantly, he loves Julia and supports her in all her interests and endeavors.
Julia and Dan married and together they had a couple of lovely, well-adjusted kids. After taking the time to raise her kids, getting them ready for school and the big wide world, Julia was ready to get back into the job market. She had great references and had maintained her professional contacts, so she had no problem finding a satisfying new job that challenged her and fit in with her lifestyle.
In short, Julia has made every post a winner. She’s worked hard, made good choices, and is blessed with natural brains and a can-do attitude.

Like most people who decide to try a new language Julia had a great reason for starting.
Photo of Brazil - where Portuguese is spoken
When she was a little girl Julia spent many fun-filled days staying with her Grandparents, Luiz and Anna, out on their farm. Those were happy carefree days filled with all sorts of outdoor fun by day, and nights round the fire listening to her Papa tell stories of his childhood in Brazil.
When he spoke of those days her Papa's eyes misted over and fantastic, exciting sounding words of Portuguese slipped into his speech as he recalled the fun and the hardship in equal measure...
Her Papa left Brazil when he was little more than a boy, looking to find his fortune in America. He found work laboring on the railroad. Long hard hours of back-breaking work day after day allowed Luiz to save enough to buy a small holding, a foothold in the land he'd come to love. More hard work allowed him to grow his small holding into a working farm, and allowed him to marry Anna, the daughter of a neighboring farmer.
In order to fit in and craft a normal life for themselves in America Luiz and Anna decided to bring their children up with English as their only language. Sure Luiz spoke in the old tongue occasionally, but the longer he was in America the less often he spoke Portuguese, and by the time Julia, his granddaughter, came along, Portuguese had all but died out in her family.
Until one day Julia was digging through a box of odds and ends in her attic and she came across a bunch of documents that used to belong to her Papa. This treasure trove of history sparked something in Julia; a desire to reconnect with her heritage, a desire to visit the home of her Papa, and a desire to learn Portuguese.

Why Julia decided to learn to speak Portuguese
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