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Julia's Interactive Audio Lessons

From the dashboard the Interactive Audio Lessons were easy to find and Julia was able to get started right away.
As a "Portuguese language course" member Julia would gain access to 31 Interactive Audio Lessons, and join me, Tereza, along with her Portuguese tutors, in a series of modern, real-life situations.
She was delighted to find that she could listen to the audio lessons online using an online player or she could download them to her laptop or even her MP3 player, so she could learn anywhere, anytime.
In each lesson the Conversation tab let her play just the conversation, and included transcripts to help her follow the lesson and get comfortable with the written language.
The Practice tab let her use the amazing Record voice comparison tool to improve her accent, understand the rhythms of Portuguese, and learn faster by directly comparing her voice to that of native speakers.

Then there was the My Level tab, which let her rate how well she knew words and phrases taken from the lesson. And when she wanted more practice there was the quiz to test her understanding and give her instant results.
She could even add her own notes as she progressed through the lesson using the My Notes tab. She just entered the info she wanted to remember, clicked 'submit notes’, and it was available whenever she needed it.
Julia quickly found that these fantastic lessons really were a great way to manage her learning and to get her Portuguese ahead!
All of a sudden things were looking a lot brighter for Julia’s Portuguese learning plans. With "Portuguese language course" she knew she could learn to speak the language, but what about fitting in when she heads down to Brazil to visit the place of her Papa’s birth?

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