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What Julia did first

Now Julia is a smart woman who did well at school, so school seemed like the logical place to go to get the learning she wanted. So Julia signed up for a Portuguese language class down at the local high-school. It started off really well. She went to class, listened to the teacher, repeated words with the rest of the class, filled in her work-book, and went home.
Photo of Brazil - where Portuguese is spoken
Then she did it again, and it was ok.
Then she did it again, and it was a bit boring.
Then her daughter was sick, and Dan was away on business, so she didn’t go that week.
The following week she went again, but everyone else was ahead of her and she didn’t know what they were doing. The teacher just didn’t have time to give her the attention she needed to catch up.
Then the same thing happened again, and she ended up even further behind.
Then she had her father’s 70th birthday dinner so she missed class again.
By this point she knew that she’d never catch up with the rest of the class, and that she had no chance of getting the extra attention from the teacher to help her out... so she never went back.
So that’s hours of work and plenty of money down the tubes.

Julia still wanted to learn Portuguese, to honor her Papa and her heritage. So she hit the internet to find a free course online. Understandably Julia was reluctant to part with her hard earned cash and risk wasting time and money because the course she chose didn’t work for her. So she typed 'Learn Portuguese' into her browser and out came a whole bunch of different courses, tutorials, and schemes. As I said, Julia’s a smart woman, so she had a good look around, checked out what was available for free, chose one, and signed-up.
And the first day she enjoyed sitting at her computer learning, and picked up some good new Portuguese skills.
And the next day she still liked it and learned even more, although it was a shame about all those advertisements and flashing boxes...
And she kept doing the same every day for a week, but by the end of the week it was getting a bit samey-same, a bit boring. And she missed having people to share with.
Photo of Brazil - where Portuguese is spoken
So the next week she only did the course three times, and got a bit bored with the lack of variation, and a little bit sick of all the grammar rules when all she wanted was to be confident speaking Portuguese, and she was beginning to suspect that her course was a little one dimensional, a little shallow.
Then the following week she got a chance to use her new Portuguese skills and was mortified when she was told that the things she was saying were technically correct, but her pronunciation was appalling and that really she sounded very old-fashioned and actually not at all the way modern Portuguese speakers sound.
So back to the internet she went.
Now, you have to admire Julia’s tenacity, her desire to find a way to achieve her goal. She’d tried classes, then she’d tried a free online course, and they’d both fallen short. But she still wanted to be able to learn Portuguese on her own terms. To help herself out she made a list of the top five things she decided that she needed from any learn Portuguese course:
- I want to be confident;
- Keep me motivated;
- I don't want to waste my time;
- I want it to be worth my investment;
- I want something that will just work.
Not too much to ask really... But do you think she could find anything to fit the bill?

One day, while looking for the next potential solution to her Portuguese learning problems, she came across "Portuguese language course", the learn Portuguese course I helped to create. Now "Portuguese language course" does cost money, not much money, but some. Julia wasn’t ready to pay for another course that didn’t do the job so she opted to sign-up for the free trial. That meant she got to test out all the different parts that go in to "Portuguese language course" without paying for the full course; without even handing over her credit-card details! It also meant that she started getting Fuel, regular emails from me offering her hints and tips and support with her course.
Julia was quick to see just how good "Portuguese language course" is, it fulfilled all her needs and more.

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