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Language, Culture and... Julia

When you’re learning a new language, it’s not just about what to say, it’s also about how you say it, and when! So Julia was pleased to see that "Portuguese language course" includes a series of Language and Culture Lessons, to help her speak Portuguese naturally.

In the lessons under the Language tab Julia found step-by-step explanations about how the Portuguese language works. She got to look at Portuguese grammar and vocabulary to make sure she had everything she needed to get the words just right.
After having a go at a language lesson Julia clicked on the Culture tab to get some insights into some of the situations she might encounter in Latin America, so when she heads for Brazil she can get the most out of her experience and avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings! Because the key to learning how the language works is learning how the people work!

She also found a My Level tab, just like in the IAC Lessons, so she could rate how well she knew the content and decide when she was ready to move on.

With all this great learning content Julia was sure that "Portuguese language course" was just what she had been looking for. Even after trying just the first lessons her Portuguese speaking confidence was riding high.
Plus, for unlimited lifetime access, the price was most certainly right. Remember how she tried the classes at the local high school? Well they cost her $10 a time for a 20 week semester paid in advance. $200 for just 20 weeks, and she didn’t even finish. In fact Julia paid $200 for just five lessons and came out of it hopelessly lost and discouraged.
So let’s check out Julia’s list again; so far "Portuguese language course" gets a big tick for 'I want to be confident' and another for 'worth my investment'. That’s a pretty good start!

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