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My Community

One of Julia’s biggest issues with learning online was the isolation that came with it. She felt like she was sitting alone in a cave working while the whole world went by outside.
Julia wanted to be able to share her Portuguese difficulties and her successes with other learners; people who knew what she was going through.
She wanted:
- Help finding the correct Portuguese word;
- Examples of how to use Portuguese expressions in context;
- To practice writing in Portuguese;
- To ask questions about her course?

To have fellow students to share her journey with!
My Community was just what she was looking for!
My Community is "Portuguese language course" online space where you can get 24/7 access to me, Tereza, your Portuguese teacher, and meet all the other Portuguese learners just like you. You can ask questions, give info, use real life Portuguese, and get all the support you need. Plus, all the questions and answers are public, so everyone can benefit from them.

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My Community
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